These trying economic times can make life difficult enough without adding problems with your Pasadena water heater. Hopefully you know a good plumber you can trust to give you truthful information on whether you should repair or replace your current hot water heater. Our Pasadena Water Heater Team builds lifetime relationships by never overselling you or price gouging.

Low Cost Pasadena Water Heaters

Our experienced Pasadena water heater plumbers will put their knowledge with hot water heaters help you fix the problem or find an economical replacement if necessary. Just keep in mind that replacing your equipment with another cheap, builders grade unit is not the best long term solution. For a few dollars more, you can get an energy efficient tank water heater with a longer warranty. The ultimate energy saving model is usually a tankless water heater: on demand hot water, no standby, heat loss and usually qualifies for tax credits and utility company rebates.

Is Your Pasadena Hot Water Heater Leaking?

Look for water collecting around the base of your water heater. If your Pasadena hot water heater has rusted, then it will need to be replaced. Flush it out and look at the color of the water. Check water pipes near the heater to see if they are leaking.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Pasadena Hot Water Heater?

Pasadena water heaters that are over 15 years old should be replaced. Yes, our plumbers can repair them, but there is a great likelihood that something else will go wrong with it, and soon. Also, the newer water heaters available for Pasadena residential and commercial applications are more energy efficient.

Pasadena Commercial and Residential Tankless Water Heaters

Many Pasadena clients are upgrading to tankless water heaters because they take up less space and consume less energy. Even if you fill a large garden tub, run the dishwasher and have a teenager taking a shower at the same time, you won’t run out of hot water! They essentially provide endless hot water.

Energy Star Water Heaters

Many new Pasadena water heaters, including the great tankless ones, have Energy Star ratings that quantify their energy efficiency. Select a water heater that has a high rating and you will qualify for utility company rebates as high as $500 and Energy Savings tax credits up to $1500 that further reduce the out-of-pocket expense of buying a new water heater.